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Port Townsend-Sunrise
We meet Wednesdays at 8:00 AM
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Port Townsend, WA 98368
United States of America
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History of Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary


It all began on June 11, 1999, when a new morning club was chartered in Port Townsend.  It was an offshoot from the Port Townsend Rotary Club which is now known to the Sunrisers as the Noon Club.  But only to the Sunrisers!  The Noon Club hates it when we call them that.  They still consider themselves to be the Port Townsend Rotary Club.  Truth be told, we think they are entitled to the title since they were first and it was an amicable breakaway and both clubs have always called members of the other, great friends.  The break was strictly for business/convenience reasons.  The charter members of our club found it more convenient to gather for a Rotary meeting before going to work rather that to try to get away for a luncheon meeting.  Today, the number of Charter Member has dwindled to three: Chuck Henry, Dick Shipman, and, Joanie Williams.
Other than rising early to do "good in the world" (one of the main reasons for Rotary International's existence) the Sunrise Club raises money for local and international charitable projects, with projects like Running of the Balls, Driving in the Dark, Guess who's Coming to Dinner, administration of the SATs for college hopefuls in Jefferson County and much more

Charter Members

Five remain of the Charter Members who began  it all on June 11, 1999
David Brader
Chuck Henry
Dick Shipman
Joan  Williams
Richard Wojt

Paul Harris Fellows

Paul Harris Fellowship Award

The below listed  Paul Harris Fellows have distinguished themselves and our Club by being the recipients of one or more Paul Harris awards.  Paul Harris fellowships may be awarded by our Club's Board for exceptional service to the club and/or community.  They are also earned from Rotary International by accumulating personal contributions of $1000 to Rotary Foundation in order to do good in the world. The plus numbers beside the member's name indicate multiple Paul Harris Awards.
PT Sunrise Paul Harris Fellows
David Brader                                  +2
Bill Brown                                       +1
John Eissinger
Jeffrey Hartman                            +1
Chuck Henry                                   +2
Marilyn Hughes-Pinkerton       +2
Douglas Leeds                                +2
Nancy Leeds
Charlie Neu
Jayne Neu
Robert Sokol
Marianne Walters
Joannie Williams                              +2
Richard Wojt                                      +1
Don Wright