Posted by Doug Leeds on Mar 20, 2018
Sometimes helping others can be very rewarding but also hard work and sometimes raising money can just be the "fun of the Irish".  Sunrise Rotary's Spring fundraiser is called Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Press the read more button below to see how much fun we can have while raising money to serve others.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner on St. Patrick's Day?

This fundraiser is called "Guess who's coming to dinner?" People sign up, pick one of the nights, pay, and then on the day of the dinner they are told only the location. Neither the hosts nor the guests know whom is on the other side of the door when the doorbell rings. On March 17th they may have a pretty good guess as to what's for dinner but there are no guarantees. This year's St Paddy's dinner was hosted by Dr. Katy Ottaway and Patric Rubida and the guests guess held true. Here is the menu for that evening.  First course: green salad. Spinach, finely chopped kale and red butter lettuce. The dressing is a balsamic vinaigrette with orange zest grated in and a little fresh orange. This is accompanied by a white wine. Second course: soup. Green pea soup. Butter, sauteed onions and then frozen green peas, cooked just barely. It tastes verdant: spring. Third course: corned beef and cabbage, turnips and carrots and onions, with roasted potatoes. Fourth course: cheese and fruit. Three cheeses. A brie, a local Mount Townsend Creamery Trufflestack, and a cheddar. Bunches of grapes cut into small bunches and two varieties of sliced apples. Fifth and last course: Coffee. Chocolate truffles and marzipan from Elevated Ice Cream. Irish Whiskey, Jameson Stout Cask Edition.

What could top off a great Irish meal?

That Gaelic Water of Life. Jameson Irish Whiskey is what. As Katy explains what all the fun is for, "These funds go to all the things our small Sunrise Rotary does: picture dictionaries for each third grader in the county to take home, Polio Plus, donating a Shelter Box to go to a disaster area each year, a incoming and outgoing exchange student, international projects, high school interact, work on local parks, and other things. It does give me joy to balance out the worry about US medicine.: