Posted by Jayne Neu on Oct 14, 2018

President's Weekly Message

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This week in Rotary October 22-28


October’s Rotary Theme for the month of October is:

Economic & Community Development Month; Taking our talents beyond the workplace


What’s on the calendar this week?



I will be out of town this week for business, but never fear…Katy will be here! 


Our program this week is Dr. John Barrett with an update on his most recent trip to Africa. Should be a great time, sorry I will miss it. Come All, bring a friend and support him. 


October 14th is also World Polio Day. We are just this close to getting rid of this thing and we can’t let up know so bring some extra cash and drop it into the End Polio box that is by the cash register. We owe it to the world so dig deep and give from your heart. Post on your Facebook pages about how Rotary is ending Polio. Add a photo or a story or even a video link like this one: 



Beyond This Week:  

  1. October 31st: Happy Halloween! No regular meeting; a Halloween party at the Walters…. costumes are optional. Bring Heavy Appetizers to share…scary theme encouraged! Bring your favorite ghoulish drink. 5:30 PM until the last of the ghosts disappear. 

  1. Another SAT test is on the schedule for November 3rd, keep your calendar open if you can. See Richard Moore. 

  1. Board Meeting ~ November 5th at 5 PM… location: Roadhouse  

  1. November 7th: Regular Club Assembly meeting ~ Big meeting with lots happening; our First Student of the Month for this year, Katy Ottaway will have a health checkup minute or two and much, much, more! 

  1. Nominations are now being accepted for the following board positions: 

  1. President Elect Nominee (PEN) 2020-21 

  1. Community Services Director 2019-21 

  1. Club Services Director 2019-21 

  1. Secretary 

  1. Treasurer 

We have candidates for all positions except the PEN, but of course if you would like to add your name to any of these positions they would be welcomed. See Katy Ottaway for more information. Now is the time to get involved!!! Nominations will be announced at the club assembly in November and elections take place the first Wednesday in December. 


Speaking of December, we will also be dedicating the meeting to our committees, we will have a “committee fair” and Marianne is planning a fun time with “speed dating”! All the details are still in the works, but this will be a fun way to learn about all our committees and where you can join in and have some fun. 



If you have anyone you think might be interested in what is going on in Rotary…. Forward them this email, invite them to drop in for breakfast. 

Jayne Neu
Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary
President 2018-2019
WESSEX Board Secretary
District 5020 Youth Exchange