Posted on Aug 30, 2017

A Four dollar stove is life changing

Nearly anyone can have children. It is usually pretty easy. Some, if they can’t do it the easy way or if they just love kids so much, they open their homes to children who will become theirs.  Those are special people!  Then there are those that go even farther to adopt children from places and cultures far away.  Those, one might argue are even more special and there will be a special place awaiting them in heaven.  But what superlatives can be used to describe folks who adopt grandmothers and their charges from a slowly healing, war torn nation filled with orphaned children being raised by the “Grandmothers”? That describes John and Toni Jordan, Rotarians from Victoria, Canada.  John has visited our club on at least two occasions to tell of his work in Rwanda and the desperate... 
need that remains after the Genocide that ravaged that nation and decimated a generation of young parents, leaving children to be raised by others.  John and Toni work with the grandmothers to help with the most basic needs. Most homes in Rwanda have wood fired hearths within, heating water and cooking food but also slowly killing the inhabitants with the smoke filling the home.The Jordan’s are taking on the silent killer by replacing the hearth with a Rocket stove, a much cleaner burning cooking utility that does not fill the home with noxious smoke and gas. But that is but the start of the Jordan’s adoption of a nation.  They trek miles from the main roads of Rwanda not only to replace cooking hearths but they teach villages how to build them.
Then there is the education they bring to children with no chance to go beyond the very basic schooling provided by the village.  The Jordan’s organization provide the possibility of access to secondary school and even give scholarships to university. They provide female reproduction education to girls in school. Other projects have included training a beekeeper, a seamstress and showing Rwanda workers how build better roofs. 
There are many other assistances where Rotarian John Jordan and his wife provide, with the support of Rotary Clubs like ours and John’s main supporting organization, the basic living skills for a recovering people. 
Why do they do all of this?  It’s just what you do when you adopt a nation!
Women in their fields                                                                                                    Stoves being built
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