Posted by doug leeds on Jan 07, 2019

Join a RAG today and "Do Good in the World"!

President Jayne, in her weekly newsletter (see above) writes of Rotary Action Groups or RAGs for short. An example of such a RAGs is RAGAS, group that has Rotarians joined in a fight to stop a worldwide epidemic. Not an epidemic against a minute virus but one also attacking children. Unlike the virus that causes Polio, it is not in decline. This one seems to be in the ascendency. It is a battle against Human Trafficking of millions of people, including millions of children and it is still prevalent in many parts of the world. But, you say, that is something happening far away. Not since the Civil War has it been known in the United States. And, you would be wrong! It is happening here, today including right here in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps even in Jefferson County, there are children and adults caught in the sex trade and domestic labor market. It is a hidden evil that may be occurring in our very own neighborhoods. To find out more about this, visit the RAGAS Facebook page at (Rotarians Action Group Against Slavery). Our club for more than one year has helped in the battle against child slavery by supporting El Nid, an orphanage in the Congo. PT Sunrise Rotary is paying the wages of the house mother who cares for girls rescued from the mean streets of Kinshasa. There are hundreds of other RAGs sanctioned by Rotary International. I urge you to find one that fits your interest and join them in "Doing Good in the World". It's what you joined Rotary for, remember?
For a list of RAGs that might be the perfect fit for your interests follow this link to the Join A Rotarian Action Group page on the Rotary International website.