Evan Eades                                                    Anna Molotsky
We are proud to announce our Students of the Month for December. Evan Eades and Anna Molotsky were both chosen by the academic staff at Port Townsend High School for their outstanding excellence in "Academic Excellence”
  • Love of Learning - Pursuit of knowledge beyond pursuit of a grade.
  • Intellectual honesty.
  • Intellectual risk taking - Willingness to explore challenging ideas and take on projects that stretch their thinking. 

 Anna  Molotsky, daughter of Daniel and Kathryn Molotsky, described the challenge and satisfaction of mastering complex math concepts without in-person instruction. Anna is a member of Students for Sustainability, and is proud of the work that the club does. She is also active in Key Club and Interact. 


Evan Eades, son of Joan and Eden Eades, was also selected for Academic Achievement, but was unable to attend, and will be formally recognized next month. 

We know that all of the students that we recognize will go far and build the future with certainty. Congratulations to both Evan and Anna