Sunrise Rotary supports and sustains Port Townsend and Jefferson County- our club annually awards grants to local groups in community building.


You see Rotarians at fundraisers selling tickets for Running of the Balls, and proctoring at SATs, you participate in our golf tournaments and much more.  After we raise the money doing those work projects, we seek ways to give it all away.  Some of it goes to international projects, like the eradication of polio and bringing clean water and sanitation facilities to third world countries and perhaps Rotary International is best known for those kinds of charitable giving.  

However, Sunrise Rotary also makes sure that much of our fundraising efforts go to local organizations, right here in Port Townsend and Jefferson county!  In the past we have funded programs such as providing a free, hard bound, full color, illustrated dictionary for every third grade student in the county. We have financially supported programs such as backpacks for kids, JCMash, the newly formed Cub Scout pack, the Recyclery, built a storage facility for the Dove House, provided support for youth exchange students (both outgoing to many countries of the world and incoming from a wide range of nations). This is a partial list of organizations we have helped with financial contribution or work parties to build or create needed assets.

This is the time of the year that we select which organizations we can help.  If your organization would like to apply for a grant or if you are in need of help with a project, now is the time to apply. Normally, it is expected to have a sponsor from our club to attest to the worthiness and need of your organization.   Applications are now being accepted and will be through November 12. Those chosen for funding will be asked to send a representative to one of our regular Wednesday morning zoom meetings to receive their award.