Speaker Date Topic
SOM Nov 20, 2019
Student of the Month Awards & Roboctpi Club at the High School
Club Local Grant Awards Nov 27, 2019
Club Assembly Dec 04, 2019
New member classification talk
Christmas Party Dec 11, 2019

Time and place to be announced

SOM Dec 18, 2019
Student of the Month awards

And a bonus talk from our favorite Doctor on the history of Vaccinations.

No Meeting today Dec 25, 2019

but have a wonderful holiday

New Years Day Jan 01, 2020
No meeting today

This will count as the 5th Wednesday and make the last Wednesday the last Wednesday the fourth Wednesday instead of the 5th and cause us to have a regular meeting on the 29th. Sorry party people! Does everybody understand that?

Visit by the Rhody Royalty Jan 08, 2020
Club Assembly Jan 15, 2020
Club Assembly & Classification Talk
SOM Jan 22, 2020
Student of the Month and a related youth program
TBA Jan 29, 2020

You must come to find out what Skillmation is all about.

Club Assembly Feb 05, 2020
Heart or Service Award Announcement
Port Townsend Code Enforement Officer Feb 12, 2020

My guess..Code enforcement

SOM Feb 19, 2020
Student of the Month awards
Student of the Month Feb 19, 2020

Possibly, US Coast Guard Master Chief will have a few words for us

Chuck Henry Feb 26, 2020
Mock Trial Demonstration
Club Assembly & Classification Talk Mar 04, 2020
American Red Cross Mar 11, 2020
SOM & RYLA student returnee Mar 18, 2020
Friendly Water for the World Mar 25, 2020
Club Assembly & Classification Talk Apr 01, 2020
Stress Relief Apr 08, 2020
SOM and a report from the Sheriff Apr 15, 2020
Cannibis and its health benefits Apr 22, 2020
It's a fifth Wednesday again.. Apr 29, 2020
and that means party time

Time, date, and place to be announced.

Club Assembly May 06, 2020
Time to get ready for this year's Running of the Balls
Scholarship Recipient May 13, 2020