Posted by Doug Leeds on Oct 13, 2017

President's Report

Place Holder

It is time to replace this placeholder with something more timely and important. Therefore, as webmaster, I will choose something write about on a more regular basis that in my opinion, exemplifies the meaning and mission of Rotary. This first one is not a Rotary project but one that I wish could be. I chose this one because one of our members is deeply involved in it and she does much for this organization that does indeed, exemplify the mission of the Rotary Foundation, to “do good in the world”.
Being introduced to this group by our fellow Rotarian, Mindy Walker has led Nancy and me to take the advice of Mother Theresa. She said, “If you cannot feed a hundred hungry people, then just feed one”. For just $30 a month one hungry child receives food, shelter, and safety through the Lovemore Foundation of which Mindy has a seat on their Board and has visited the Congo on several occasions.
This is nothing new for Mindy. According to her bio on the Lovemore website, Mindy Walker is an attorney who desires to advocate for impoverished women and children.  Mindy has worked with refugees and the poor of Athens, Greece; has volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana and has served the local indigent population through representation in cased involving criminal and child protective matters.  Mindy spent six months in DR Congo in 2013 and visited in 2014.  While there, Mindy observed how sustainable projects can have a positive impact on individual lives and a whole community.  She is passionate about programs promoting basic needs, education and sustainability”.
During the Sunrise Rotary annual grant funding selection, our club was asked by Mindy, to support Lovemore by paying the salary of the house mother of the group's orphanage, Le Nid. The request was for $1920. It was approved by the selection committee and the house mother will be paid, not for a month but for an entire year. Remember, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a very impoverished country and a little help goes a very long way.
Mark your calendar for November 8th. Mindy will be our speaker on that morning and will tell us much more about the Lovemore Foundation and the girls of Le Nid.